Friday, October 22, 2010

Sierra Nevada Estate Homegrown Ale 2010

Sierra Nevada is one of the breweries that got me into craft beer in the first place and they have continually produced some of the best, most consistent beers available. Their Pale Ale is still my go to beer and it's wide distribution range is great. Add to that classics like their Porter and Stout along with Celebration Ale and Bigfoot each year and there is always something to look forward to. They are celebrating 30 years this year as well!

The newly released Estate Homegrown Ale comes in a 750ml bottle that's green wax dipped. All of the barley and organic hops used to brew this beer are grown by Sierra Nevada at their brewery in Chico, CA. From the fields to the brew house, this is a truly handcrafted ale that has taken a great deal of time, effort and love to brew, bottle and finally get into my glass. I've been excited to try this and here are my thoughts:

Pours into my glass a nice bright red/orange with great clarity and a creamy two fingers of bubbly white foam that leaves patchwork lacing across the glass. Aromas of citric, grapefruit hops leads the way, bright, oily and green. Bountiful malts that are semi sweet with caramel accents. There's a bit of an earthy quality here as well, slightly toasted. Nice!

First sip brings smooth crisp malts upfront with hints of caramel and fruits. Flows into a nice deal of citric, grapefruit hops with an earthy green twist. Well balanced with a good bitterness on the way down and a touch of spiciness. Slightly toasted. Good brew!

Mouthfeel is velvety smooth with spot on carbonation. Creamy and easy to drink. A refreshing, tasty, well balanced IPA. Cheers to Sierra Nevada for the love and hard work that went into this bottle. From the hops and barley in their fields to the brew house and now my glass, this is a rey!ally unique brew that I'm glad to support and enjoy!

Overall, this earns a rating of Great from me! Solid brew!

Price: $10.99 / 750ml wax dipped bottle

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