Sunday, January 03, 2010

Jolly Pumpkin - Bière De Mars - Grand Reserve

Jolly Pumpkin is a fitting brewery to have the honor of being my first new blog post in 2010. Located in Dexter, Michigan they have been one of my favorite breweries since they started. They focus on using open fermentation, oak barrel aging and feature all bottle conditioned beers. They have recently expanded with a cafe and brewpub in Ann Arbor as well as a location in Traverse City as well. Please visit them and check out their great brews!! I had been hanging onto this bottle in my cellar for awhile and finally decided to crack it as my last brew of the holiday weekend:

Oak Aged - 14 Months. No date on the bottle but I will guess it's from 2006 based on other reviews I have seen.

Pours into my glass a deep, vibrant garnet with a hint of purple and a half inch of bubbly off white foam that sticks to the side of the glass. Aromas kick off with a nice mix of dark dried fruits alongside a ribbon of caramel and light toasted grain. A clean, slightly acidic funky, farmhouse aroma is there with a woody, oak backbone. Leather, lemon zest and a kiss of vanilla.

First sip brings smooth crisp malts laced with a myriad of fruit flavors, grape, strawberry, lemon zest and more. Dry woody oak digs in along with a nice funky tartness as well. Leather, caramel and an afterthought of vanilla on the way down. Finishes with lingering fruit, funk and wood. Extremely tasty and well balanced overall. A joy to drink.

Mouthfeel is smooth, arid and easy to drink with steady carbonation. This is an incredibly drinkable elixir and I wouldn't mind a 750ml bottle of this right now. Really glad to have had the chance to sample this one. Keep it up JP!!

Overall this one receives a rating of Amazing. Each sip leaves me wanting more.

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