Friday, December 18, 2009

Ballast Point Sculpin India Pale Ale

This is a somewhat new west coast IPA that burst on the scene with lots of hype, that after reading my below review, you will see is well deserved. Ballast Point already had a good following for their regular lineup as well as their awesome double IPA, Double Dorado. The Sculpin is an easy to drink hop bomb that has a great hop bill with big, lush flavors. I was very happy to find this on the shelves on a trip to Peoria, IL and here are my thoughts:

My second bomber of this pours a crystalline golden orange with a billowing three finger head of creamy white foam on top. Plenty of active carbonation. Stellar! Aromas start out with huge citric and tropical fruit hops and tons of resins. Green and a touch floral as well. Mild crystal and light toasted caramel malt backbone. Hop profile is just great here and draws you in with every inhalation.

First sip brings is just beautiful...mild toasted malt upfront with some caramel sweetness that's quickly bowled over by a boatload of citric, vibrant tropical hop goodness. A touch floral with tons of bitter, resinous hop flavor. Smooth on the finish with lingering fruity hops. Immensely tasty.

Mouthfeel is on the light side with good carbonation and a bit of crispness. This is the epitome of easy drinking for an IPA and super smooth and tasty. A bomber disappears like nothing and leaves me wishing I had more. Just a killer IPA that deserves the praises it has received.

Overall this one gets a rating of Amazing.

Super IPA goodness that's hard to put down.

Check out Ballast Point on the internet and see their whole line of brews at


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