Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sam Adams - Longshot Traditional Bock

The Sam Adams Longshot series is pretty damn cool. They hold a home brew competition of sorts and allow brewers from around the world to send in their home brew's for a chance to win and have Sam Adams produce and bottle their recipes. The one I am holding in my hand was brewed by Alex Drobshoff of California. Here are my thoughts:

Pours into my glass a vibrant brown with great clarity and flashes of ruby red. An inch of creamy eggshell head that stays around for a good while. Aromas start out with clean, toasty malts along with a bit of roasted grain. Mild fruitiness comes through along with a slight creamy aspect.

First sip brings smooth, clean, mildly toasted malts upfront. Dark fruits and cherry flavors meld in as it flows downward. Grainy aspects throughout with great balance. A solid malty treat, it stands up to it's German counterparts for sure. An enjoyable brew.

Mouthfeel is smooth and creamy with carbonation that washes across the palate perfectly. This is a full flavored bock that I found quite enjoyable, as it's a style that is not often brewed in the States. I could enjoy a sixer of this no problem. Cheers to Sam Adams for brewing Alex's creation.

Overall this one earns a rank of Great.

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