Thursday, November 20, 2008

Short's Bourbon Barrel Sustenance Black Beer

Short's is an amazing microbrewery located way up in Bellaire, Michigan. I have yet to venture to the brewery, but it is high on my list of things I want to do. They put out an amazing Imperial Beer series in 2007 consisting of 13 different beers in 750ml bottles. The one that still sticks in my mind is the Imperial Spruce India Pilsner. Now, onto the Bourbon Barrel Sustenance!

22oz bomber with awesome label art. The cap comes off with quite a pop as the brew flows out of the bottle...a quick catch into my glass leaves me a dark brown body with a two finger light tan head on top. Initial aromas of lightly roasted dark malts and hints of caramel. There's a wild yeast character here that brings some sour bretty funk to the table as well with fruity accents. Woody oak tones and a mellow bourbon character that just barely shines through.

First sip brings a nice roasty dark malt upfront with hints of caramel and fruitiness. There's a hint of chocolate that moves into a woody oak flavor. Sour tinge is still there with the wild yeast accent. Only a touch of bourbon flavor hints through on the way down. My bottle at least comes off as a funky, oaky schwarzbier and even if this was not the intention I enjoyed it.

Mouthfeel is on the lighter side with swift moving carbonation and plenty of it. This goes down rather easily, but the bubbles are a little much. Overall, the wild yeast twist to this beer made it taste a lot different that I was expecting...this reminds me of a Jolly Pumpkin brew expect aged in bourbon. I did end up enjoying the bomber.

Overall my rating of this beer ended up being Enjoyable.

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