Sunday, October 26, 2008

Three Floyds Moloko Plus

Finally getting to try this one after missing it every time its on at the brewpub. Pours into my glass a charcoal black color with dark brown edges. A half inch of light tan foam forms and falls to a ring quickly. Aromas start out with a mix of milk chocolate and lactose with a sweet tinge to it. Mild coffee meets dark malt and oats with only a touch of roast. Creamy chocolate malt comes to mind.

First sip brings a sweet dark malt upfront that brings milk chocolate and lactose with it. Hints of coffee and milk sugars midway through. There's only a mild roast here with no astringency. The oats bring a slickness on the way down. This one finishes with a chocolate malt aftertaste. Pretty solid.

Mouthfeel is medium bodied and rather smooth. For a stout this has solid drinkability as it is not too heavy. Overall, it's an enjoyable milk stout, maybe just a touch too sweet for me though. A bomber would be more than enough and I shared this one with the girlfriend. Worth a try, but I wouldn't go out of my way.

Overall I gave this one a rating of Enjoyable.

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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Weyerbacher Harvest Ale

I love me some fresh hop ales and this one I recently acquired in trade. It clocks in at 6.2% ABV and is brewed with Cascade and Nugget hops that were grown by Dan Weirback on Weyerbacher's own hop farm! Onto the review:

12oz bottle. Very cool that this is brewed with hops that were also grown on Weyerbacher's own hop farm! Pours into the glass a wonderfully deep red/orange color with good clarity and a inch of creamy, bubbly head that leaves sticky patches of lacing down the side of the glass. Aromas start out with sweet malts with some caramel and a bit of spice. Floral, earthy, citrus green hops follow but are not as pronounced as I thought they might be. A bit of a toasty/bready quality as well.

First sip brings caramel malts upfront with notes of biscuit and a bit of toasted bread. The hops fall in line pretty quickly with big floral flavors upfront along with hints of citrus, spiciness and earthy resins. Nice and green, they bring in a rush of bitterness the follows all the way down that lingers on after each sip.

Mouthfeel is smooth, creamy and a bit slick with a solid medium body. Goes down easily overall. There's a good mix between the sweetness and bitterness, with bitterness winning out in the end. In the end I was hoping for the hop flavor to be more pronounced in the flavor though. Thanks to afterexile for the trade and the opportunity to drink this fresh hop brew!

Overall I gave this beer a rating of Enjoyable.

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