Monday, June 16, 2008

Short's Brewing Aorta Ale - Imperial Red Ale

This next beer I'm going to review is from Short's Brewery in the town of Bellaire, Michigan. This beer comes from a limited edition series of 13 beers that were brewed. They are only available from the brewpub and I was lucky enough to have a good friend in beer grab me all of them. To find out more about the series surf over to:
Now onto the brew:

750ml bottle. #199 of 780.

Pours into my glass a deep maroon red with a solid inch of creamy khaki head on top of the brew. Good clarity with patchy lacing and a head that lingers on. Aromas start with a big dose of caramel malt alongside some roasted notes. Citrusy, piney hops are quite well placed in there too. Toasty with a fruity undercurrent as well, but big on the caramel. Slightly oxidized as well.

First sip brings a caramel / toasted malt upfront that flows into fruity, somewhat doughy notes as well. It moves into citric, earthy hops, definitely Cascades, but time has taken its toll and the hops have faded quite a bit. A bit nutty as it flows down with more fruitiness and a good bit of bitterness. Finishes smooth and malty with a bit of oxidation on the end as well.

Mouthfeel brings a solid body with a nice creaminess as it flows down. Mellow carbonation throughout. Nice and chewy, it's a big red ale that also goes down smooth and is quite refreshing. Overall, it's not my favorite from the series that I've tried so far but it's still a solid, tasty brew. Wish I would have had it fresh because the hops have faded quite a bit. I've been loving trying these Imperial Series beers, cheers to Shorts!

Overall I gave this brew a rating of Enjoyable.

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Monday, June 09, 2008

New Glarus Smoke on the Porter

I'm getting back to my blog after too long of a hiatus and I'm ready to share more good beers with everyone out there! This one comes from one of my favorite Wisconsin breweries, New Glarus. Their beers are always a treat. For anyone out there, it's well worth a trip to Wisconsin just to be able to pick up some New Glarus and Tyranena brews for sure. Now onto the review:

Pours into my glass an extremely deep, dark brown that edges towards black with a inch of creamy, bubbly light tan head atop the brew. Thick patchy lacing all the way down the glass. Aromas start off with big, slightly roasted dark malts immediately swept up by a strong smoke aroma, akin to a wood smoke campfire! Visions of yummy smoked meats come to mind. Touches of chocolate and a bit of coffee lurk underneath, but the woody smoke aroma lingers on.

First sip brings a nice dark roasted malty body upfront that quickly moves into dense smoky territory. Again, wood smoke comes to mind along with smoked meats. Notes of chocolate and coffee with a mellow fruity aspect move through as the brew goes down. It finishes off with a touch of bitterness and lingering smoky aftertaste. Good stuff!

Mouthfeel is solidly medium bodied with a smooth creaminess all the way down. I found this brew really enjoyable to drink and actually quite refreshing as well. Overall, a solid, tasty smoked porter from New Glarus. I enjoy the smoked beers and this one definitely ranks up there. Would like to see more brewers take a stab at the style.

Overall I gave this one a rating of Great. Just a tasty brew all around.

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