Thursday, August 30, 2007

My new rating system!! A quick rundown

I wanted to create a new rating system that relied less on numbers and more on a good description of how I felt about the beer. I've used this in my past few posts and will do so from here on out. Here's the new scale for each beer I will try:

- Unbelieveable: an incredibly amazing beer, you can't live without trying it, do so at all costs!

- Amazing: speaks for itself. Just a step below unbelieveable. This is a beer at the top of its class.

- Great: a really good beer that really hits the spot.

- Enjoyable: a brew that doesn't make you say "wow", but that is well made and a pleasure to drink

- Average: nothing special, but still is usually a well crafted brew

- Blah: a boring beer that has some obvious flaws. probably not something I would come back to again.

- No Thanks: pass on this one, it's not worth the time or the effort.