Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lake Louie Dino's Dark

Lake Louie Brewery is located in the small town of Arena, Wisconsin and is one of the best small breweries in the great beer state of Wisconsin. Anytime I get the chance to get up to Milwaukee/Madison I make sure I pick up some Lake Louie brews. Here's one of my more recent buys:

Pours from the bottle a deep dark brown bordering on black with a half inch of light bubbly tan head. Aroma is dark roasty, slightly smoky malts with a nice dose of chocolate, caramel and a subtle hoppiness. Mild coffee dusting. Good, clean aroma.

First sip brings a smooth roasty maltiness, almost a touch burnt with cocoa and caramel accents. A smidge of coffee works its way in alongside a dose of piney hoppiness on the way down. Smooth and tasty, this is a good brew. Unexpected hop burps show up halfway through the glass!

Mouthfeel is medium bodied and goes down easy and refreshing. Good carbonation. This is a good dark brew/porter that would make a good session beer if it was more readily available to me. Cheers once again to Lake Louie for producing a fine product. I gotta get up to Arena one of these days!

Overall I gave the Dino's Dark a 4.2 out of 5. Good beer!

Check out the Lake Louie website at www.lakelouie.com

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tyranena Who's Your Daddy? Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Porter

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted here. Work and everyday life gets the best of me sometimes and I run out of time to post. Anyways..I am back with a new beer in hand from Tyranena in Wisconsin. This being the first in their new Brewers Gone Wild series. Let's give it a go:

The Who's Your Daddy Imperial Porter pours from the bottle a deep onyx with creamy cap of tan head on top. Sticky lacing, the brew shows dark brown highlights when held to the light. Aromas begin with big dark roasty malts engulfed in a mix of chocolate, roasted coffee beans, vanilla, oak and light bourbon notes. A nice melding of flavors, though a bit mellow overall.

First sip brings a rush of rich roasted dark malts colliding with a heavy helping of vanilla, subtle notes of chocolate, caramel and coffee work their way in. The bourbon/oak flavors move in on the way down and add a really nice element to the brew. Finishes slightly slick with a subtle nuttiness. A tasty brew to be had here!

Mouthfeel is big and bold, fills the mouth quite nicely, while still going down smoothly. Good steady carbonation adds to the experience. One of the easier drinking bourbon barrel brews I've tried...still it's not something I'd have more than two of in any one sitting. Overall, a tasty brew that I'm glad I had the chance to try. I look forward to more in the Brewers Gone Wild series from Tyranena!

Overall this brew got a 4.25 out of 5 from me. Quite a tasty beer!

Check out the rest of Tyranena's lineup over at www.tyranena.com