Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Victory Hop Devil

The Victory Hop Devil is one of those beers that's always been available to me and I never really got around to pickin up a sixer. On the way to a party at my friend's place I decided it was high time I grabbed one and finally tried this brew, as I'm a big fan of Victory Brewing in general. Here's how it went down:

I can't believe I haven't reviewed this beer before now. The HopDevil pours into my glass a nice deep copper red with a inch of creamy, bubbly foam head on top. Good clarity. Aromas are all hops upfront, piney, spicy and a touch citric as well. A sweet caramel, midly doughy malt aroma is present as well. Candy coated green leafy hop goodness.

First sip brings a mix of piney and grapefruity citrus hops. A toasted biscuit maltiness dipped in caramel supports the weight of the hops. Tasty green, leafy bitterness flows throughout each sip balanced by a cotton candy sweetness. Finishes with a herbal bitterness that lingers on a bit. Good brew.

Mouthfeel is wonderful with a nice body and solid carbonation. Goes down all too easy, this is a great session IPA for sure and a great six pack choice for heading out to a party. I'm a little upset that I overlooked the HopDevil for so long. Another brew from Victory that's not to be missed.

Overall I gave this brew a 4.15 out of 5. A solid American IPA.

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At 7:58 PM, Anonymous David James said...

Right on Don! I agree with you. Victory Hop Devil Ale is one of the best IPA's I've tried. There's just something about the hops blended into this beauty I can't quite describe that gives it a flavor all its own. I tried reviewing it here at Microbrew Review but I'm not sure I did it literary justice to what it deserved. What do you think?

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