Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bell's Wheat Two Ale

The Bell's Wheat Two Ale is part of a series of experimental wheat beers that Bell's brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan put out in late 2005. This is the first in the series and more information can be found at: http://www.bellsbeer.com/wheat.asp

The Bell's Wheat 2 Ale pours from the longneck bottle a cloudy pale orange color with a half inch of bubbly foam on top. Aromas begin with a grainy wheat aroma that has an odd fruitiness about it. Almost akin to sour apple juice and banana. Underneath there's some yeasty phenols exhibiting notes of cloves and a touch of pepper. A touch of orange and lemon peel. It fails to really grab me.

First sip brings a pale wheaty maltiness that's a touch husky and gritty. An intermingled musty fruitiness that has notes of apple, banana and lemon follows suit. There's a big yeasty aspect that brings a mix of spicy, peppery and mellow clove flavors. It finishes a bit dry and chalky on the back of the palate. Ultimately this just doesn't seem to form a cohesive whole.

Mouthfeel is medium bodied with mellow carbonation and a creamy grain sensation. An interesting experiment, but in this case I'm glad I only grabbed a few singles instead of an entire sixer. Seems to be a bit muddled. I'll be looking forward to the 4, 6 and 8 that I have yet to sample.

Overall I gave this one a 3.15 out of 5. I can't say I enjoyed it that much myself...but everyone is different, so feel free to give it a shot.

For more fun info from Bell's check out www.bellsbeer.com