Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Post Two: Jones Soda Corn On The Cob Soda

Part two in my ongoing Jones Soda Holiday Pack review saga brings us to the Corn On The Cob Soda. I do love liquified corn on the cob. Let's see how me and my brothers enjoyed this handcrafted soda:

-Don: There's a mellow corn aroma with nice buttery undertones. Tastes like cream soda. Not half bad really. Pretty tasty!

-Brian: A creamy, corny experience. Hey, at least I won't have corn shits!

-Kevin: Tasted like some salty corn. Pretty damn tasty. This one I could actually finish a bottle of. If you're a fan of bad salty corn on the cob, then you will be a fan of Jones Soda Corn On The Cob.

-Rob: Nice creamy corn taste, goes down smooth & leaves a nice taste in your mouth.

There you have it my friends...another crazy soda down. Check back next time as I post the reviews of the Smoked Salmon Pate Soda....yes that is not a typo!