Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel Peche Mortel

The Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel is a small brewery located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. They have only been open since 1998 and this is the first beer they've bottled and exported to the United States, in a small quantity at that. Head Brewer, Jean-François Gravel has created a really awesome imperial coffee stout and I feel priveleged to be able to have the chance to sample it. This particular bottle was bottled on 11/04 and was part of the first shipment to the states. If you (or me) is ever in Montreal make sure to stop by the brewery and fill up on what are sure to be some awesome fresh brews! Now onto the review:

I'm finally getting around to popping the cap on this quite hyped brew from Canada. It pours from the bottle a deep, oily midnight black with a bubbly, frothy creamy two fingers of tan head atop the brew. I can already smell dark, roasty coffee before my nose ever gets near the glass. No light dares to escape this brew. Aromas begin with full force rich, dark espresso exploding all over the place. Lots of roasty chocolate and burnt notes as well. Reminds me of a fresh box of chocolate covered espresso beans in liquid form. A slight note of creaminess here, but the coffee is the centerpiece of the brew.

First sip brings rich, dark, roasted and slightly burnt maltiness with plenty of creamy chocolate flavor and a bold wall of espresso that envelopes the palate. Fairly sweet with a drizzle of caramel and a bit creamy this goes down with a nice lingering roasted coffee bitterness and flavor. Probably the most coffee forward stout I have yet to consume...if you enjoy coffee I can't see not enjoying this brew.

Mouthfeel is medium bodied and creamy with a good steady carbonation. It's a touch lighter than I expected but still definetly makes its presence known. It's very enjoyable to sit down to a bottle of this...but I think one would be enough in a sitting. Rich, decadant and a sure bet for any coffee stout lover. Thanks to Shelton and Dieu Du Ciel for bringing this to the USA and into my beer loving hands, even though the high price will keep it out of my hands most of the time. Guess it's time for a trip up north!

Overall I gave this coffee filled brew a 4.4 out of 5. Damn tasty stuff!

Check out the slew of other brews available at Dieu Du Ciel! by surfing over to


At 7:54 AM, Anonymous beerinator said...

I enjoyed this on tap and I'm looking forward to trying the 20 dollar bottle I have sitting in my "cellar". Good review.

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Ben, aka BadBen said...

Good review. Nice blog.

Bad Ben

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