Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bell's Wheat Love Ale

Well, I've been a little behind on my posts here...but never fear! I've still been drinking plenty of new and interesting brews in that time. This one is a wheat wine, basically a strong brew that is produced using mostly wheat in the grain bill. This is the final part of a series of experimental wheat beers that Bell's started putting out in October of 2005. For more info on the project check out:
I decided to start with the last of the series let's see how it goes:

The Bell's Wheat Love pours from the bottle a nice cloudy orange hue with a creamy inch of bubbly white head atop the brew. It looks ligther at the bottom of the glass adding a nice effect. Aromas of big dense wheat husk that gives me a sense of creaminess. Spicy, yeasty phenols linger underneath with light fruits (banana), pepper, clove and some bubblegum all making an appearance. An enjoyable aroma for sure.

First sip brings a creamy amalgamation of wheat grain flavors. Smooth with some nice light fruity flavors. I get lots of apple and banana along with some citrus. A big layer of spiciness flows throughout with notes of pepper, cloves and bubblegum notes. The earthy yeast is quite evident and a bit tangy. Finishes a tad bit sweet and smooth. A tasty brew in my book.

Mouthfeel is medium bodied and quite creamy. Not abrasive in the least, this brew goes down really smooth. I'm enjoying this one and could see myself having a few. A tasty wheat wine with an abv low enough to allow for easy enjoyment. I'm starting at the end of the series and looking forward to trying the predecessors to this brew!

Overall I gave this brew a 4.05 out of 5. Get a six pack if you can!