Sunday, November 27, 2005

Fantome Black Ghost

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Suburban Chicago BA Gathering at Lunar Brewing. I had a great time chatting with everyone and enjoying some good brews! I hope everyone's long weekend was good...I decided to end mine with a bottle of Fantome Black Ghost:

Today has been a dark, dreary rainy day. The dark grey skies seemed to be the best indication that I should break out the bottle of Black Ghost that has been sitting in my fridge. It pours a deep, murky, swampy black with a wonderful creamy billowing two finger tan foamy head that has great staying power. Dark brown accents shoot out of the edges of my glass. Aromas of dark roasted, burnt grains mingle with notes of dark cherry and fruit. Rotting vegetation and a funky aromatic earthy yeast culling barnyard tones enter with an underlying floral nose. Like a compost heap accentuated by an unknown mix of spices and a touch of sourness. Menacingly complex, each inhalation brings a new sensation and new images to mind.

First sip brings a roasty, dark maltiness with a touch of cocoa along with a big wall of floral and rotting vegetation flavors. Incredibly earthy with a dense spiciness and some underlying sourness. I think I can pick out some cinammon, cardamom and anise - but it's really a unique mix of tantalizing flavors. There's a mellow barnyard funkiness but it takes a back seat to the spiciness of the brew. Spent firewood from the night before. Each sip is a new experience. Finishes clean with a lingering earthy cocoa. An incredibly complex, enjoyable brew.

Mouthfeel is fairly light and arid with a sturdy carbonation. It's hard to even put the glass down here. I find this very drinakable and the 750ml bottle will make for a perfect end to the evening. If you're a Fantome fan, this is well worth seeking out. Another undoubtedly unique experience from Dany. Long live the friendly Fantome!

Overall I gave the Fantome a 4.4 out of 5.

Check out what Dany is brewing up at


At 8:39 AM, Anonymous beerinator said...

yay lunar!

I haven't tried this one yet, but one day...

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